February 2023

A resource for the vocational education of youth In Romania, there is one educational counselor for every 2000 students, according to the European Commission's reports. This comes with a big burden at both a societal level and a personal one. Many times, the educational counselor has to deal with a variety of educational & behavioral issues in the school (eg. aggressive behaviors, ADHD interventions, bullying etc.), meaning that the vocational educational “hat” is not a priority compared with the most disruptives and urgent topics to be addressed. Unfortunately, the situation is similar in the NGO sector, where there is a big lack of vocational programs & resources. As a consequence, most of the young people choose their future professional selves without a personal practice of getting to know themselves, not learning how to explore the professional options or knowing how to make career decisions during the school years. What type of society do we create without expertise & passionate professionals? We see a few answers in the present society and it builds dissatisfaction & a wish to leave the country (see the Romania drain brain level).   Get Ready: a co-designed Training program on Career guidance was written bearing in mind the need of career

O punte între profesioniști cu experiență și tineri la început de drum.

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